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About Loc Le


Since 2012, Loc’s journey with photography has transformed into a passion for capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His initiation into wedding photography in 2015 marked the inception of a deep love for capturing love stories.

Today, Loc has documented over 200 weddings, specializing in luxury weddings at Loc Le Films. His skilled team offers candid, cinematic, and natural styles dedicated to understanding your values and vision.

Loc Le Films goes beyond photography, offering engagement sessions, handcrafted albums, and custom prints as cherished keepsakes. Loc and his team have captured love stories across multiple states and countries featured in publications like Seattle Bride, Fstoppers, Wedding Maps, and more.

Each wedding is a unique adventure and a canvas for crafting stories that transcend time. This excitement fuels Loc’s dedication to the art of Wedding Photography.

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We love stories and real moments of laughter,
spontaneity, tears of joy, and love.

Why do our services matter to you?

You might have mixed feelings on your dream wedding day: laughter, tears, and pure joy. My team and I are honored to have this opportunity to capture those special moments. We’re making sure the traditional images of ring exchanges and the first kiss look great. We’re also mindful and aware of other beautiful moments like your guests crying, friends hugging, grandfathers and children laughing, ring bearers picking their noses, and much more will be captured through our lenses!

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Our promises to you

We promise to work with you to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable during your Engagement, Bridal, or Wedding Day photoshoots. Your session will be fun!

We also promise to create a truly unique heirloom for you and your partner. Your relationship isn’t cookie cutter so why should your photography be?

Schedule your consultation with us today! We can’t wait to be a part of your special day.

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Your love story is unique and the way it’s captured should be just as unique as you.

From the moment you realized you were meant to be together, to the life-changing moment you say “I do,” each moment contributes to the wonderful story of your relationship.